Sparkling and Fiery Diamond Jewelry

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A gift of Diamond Jewelry is customary to celebrate sixty and seventy five years of marriage, this sparkling rugged jewel is also the birthstone for the month of april.

Diamonds have been used for human adornment for thousands of years and historical superstitions of the gem relate to wearing the stone to keep insanity at bay.

Pure and clean colourless jewels are the most sought after but some natural blue, red and pink stones can be very expensive and rather rare.

This invincible gleaming gemstone is now traditionally used in engagement and wedding rings but it has not always been that way, due to discoveries in South Africa and a surplus of supply on the market De Beers started a huge advertising campaign to promote the use of the stone in wedding and engagement rings in the early 1940s.

For hundreds of years the art of cutting and polishing Diamonds has evolved and has indeed become a science reaching its pinnacle in 1919 with the discovery of the round brilliant cut you see on most stones to this day.

The round brilliant cut has 57 faceted highly polished faces that reflect and bend the light to maximum effect to show off the clarity and brilliance of this most sparkling of jewels.

Even now more and more adventurous cuts are being used, these are called ‘fancy’ cuts and these are becoming more popular with many high class jewelers.

Sparkling and Fiery Diamond Jewelry


Diamonds are graded using a unique scale involving letters of the alphabet, D-F are colourless stones.

G-J are very nearly colourless with K-M having faint yellow tinges.

N-R have a very light yellow colour while S-Z are of a light yellow cast, any other gems in the yellow category are classed as a fancy jewel.

All stones marketed by De Beers carry a certificate of authenticity which certifies the standard and therefore the price of the jewel.

Modern technology using lasers to inscribe the gem with the certificate number to deter fraud are sometimes used as this does no harm whatsoever to the jewels colour or clarity.

One of the most common ways that Diamonds are set is by using claws to hold the stone in place, this has the added bonus of allowing more light to reach the stone showing off it’s brilliance and fire.

Off course Diamonds are very hard in fact the hardest natural element known to us, and this makes the jewel easy to wear day in and day out without having any real fear of damaging the stone.

Please enjoy your invincible Diamond Jewelry.