Special Considerations When Looking At Dog Treats!

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Sometimes dog treats look and taste a lot like “people-food.” Most producers of dog treat products are aware of and are sensitive to the special dietary needs of a canine. Please note these concerns which apply to any dog treat product or food.

One of the primary considerations in the manufacturing of a dog treat is the use of chocolate. Many bakers like to have their products topped or coated with a substance that looks like chocolate. This is probably more to appeal to human desires than to your dog’s palette. Chocolate is toxic to dogs and should be avoided at all costs. Any reputable baker of dog treats knows this and will use a healthy substitute called carob which looks and tastes like chocolate.

A second major consideration is the use of sugar. Dogs should not have a considerable amount of this sweet tasting substance. Canines like sugar although it is not good for them and their digestive systems may not be able to deal with it as well as ours. Their inability to deal with too much of the sweet stuff may result in nausea or diarrhea.

Another consideration is “fat.” Anything tastes better with a high content of fat in it including dog treats. While we are sometimes amazed at just what our dogs will eat, any food product with too much fat is not healthy for out best friends. It is possible that there will be no observable side effect but it may cause our companions to become ill with upset tummies resulting in nausea and diarrhea.

Special Considerations When Looking At Dog Treats!

Feeding dogs chocolate is toxic at particular amounts relative to the weight of the dog. In some cases it may cause shock or even death and therefore should always be avoided. It doesn’t make sense to try and figure out how much is too much by calculating the amount based on body weight. Just don’t go there! It is certainly not worth the risk. Eating products high in sugar and fat have a somewhat more subtle effect. More and more dogs are becoming overweight. This puts increased stress on their hearts, circulatory and skeletal systems. And, just like us humans, too much bad stuff is bad for their teeth.

To ensure your dog’s good health, carefully choose food products that are low in fat and sugar. Your dog’s good health and quality of life will be your reward.