Special Needs Homeschooling Is A Great Choice!

Special needs homeschooling is an option that will not only educate them but keep them from feeling “different” from other kids.

You and your partner are the experts on your child. Although many schools are very committed to taking care of their children with special needs they just won’t do as well as you.
By teaching your child at home you can ensure that all of her special needs are met.

Maybe a physical special need makes it difficult for your child to sit for any length of time. Or maybe her hand tires quickly from writing. Will someone appreciate her pain as well as you?

Your child may require a special diet but still crave snacks that aren’t on the menu. Who can keep up on their eating better than mom at home?

Special Needs Homeschooling Is A Great Choice!

Your child’s learning disability can be overcome with a different teaching method. Depending on the school it may not always be available.

We’ve all heard stories of the child who graduates high school without being able to read. How does that happen? I don’t know. I do know that special needs homeschooling can give the student and parent/teacher more options.
 Your child doesn’t move forward in school unless you know she’s ready!

As a homeschooling dad the best advantage of home school for the special needs child is the social aspect.

Everyone is sympathetic to a severely challenged child but so many children have mild special needs. A child with a mild challenge may have a little different posture or they can’t seem to sit still. Maybe they can’t kick a ball further than 2 feet or they can’t read unless they read aloud.

These are the kids who may get in trouble all the time in class or are the left-overs for the kickball game at recess. They compensate by being the class clown or going to the nurse instead of PE. It takes the exceptional educator not to single out these children and other kids can’t help but notice.

Nothing is more painful to a dad than having his children singled out by other because they are a little ”different.” There’s no reason for children to get used to that.

We dads are in the workforce. We know that adults with special needs have more options. There are narrow minded individuals at all levels of the workforce but, overall, successful organizations don’t single out challenged team members.

Special needs homeschooling allows your children to work within their challenges:

  • Physical therapy exercises at home become PE.
  • A special diet becomes Nutrition Class.
  • Behavior challenges are channeled to appropriate learning techniques.
  • Subjects that are especially difficult for the learner will receive more emphasis.

 The most important part is that with special needs homeschooling your child won’t be ”different”. But, your love, as a homeschooling dad, is what will make your child feel ”special!”