Special Occasions Deserve Special Recognition

Special occasions fall into two categories, personal and public. Personal occasions are those that are celebrated just for the two of you. These include the day you met, birthdays, anniversaries, and the first time you kissed. Public celebrations are those that we all celebrate. These include Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and New Year’s Day. For each special occasion and for each type of occasion, there are tips that can make the occasion special for both of you.


Public holidays are those special occasions that we all celebrate together. The most romantic include Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, and Christmas. Here are a few tips for making each of these days really special.

Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day is all about flowers and candy . It is also about cards and finding the words to say what you mean.

OK, you have the flowers, the chocolate and the card. So far, you have just covered the basics of this special occasion. What can you do to make the day really special? If you have not done one before, prepare a Love Hunt for your girl. She will love it – and you! For Valentine’s Day, roses are normally the flower of the day. How about a trail of rose petals that leads her to her gift?

Valentine’s Day is really a holiday for the girls. Getting her something special, just for her, is the perfect gift. How about a prepaid day at the spa? Maybe a gift basket of soaps and some bubble bath. Getting her a gift that is feminine and just for her will lead to warm feelings for you – and that is what we are after.

New Year’s Eve
Whereas Valentine’s Day is more of a day for giving gifts, New Year’s Eve is more of a special occasion for celebration activities. Whether you are going to a big celebration in one of the big cities or spending some quiet time with a few close friends, find a good reason to get out of the house. As always, be careful about your consumption of alcohol. Having a traffic accident is not conducive to warm feelings of love.

Assuming you drink responsibly, go out and have a good time. Socialize with friends. Make sure there are some noisemakers and hats for midnight. And by all means give her a kiss to ring in the New Year. It will be even better if you have something to say . Thinking of something that is appropriate for the start of the new year. The fact you have something clever, or important to say to her right before you kiss her at the stroke of midnight will make the evening more special.

Christmas time is one of the most romantic holidays of the year. Set in the middle of winter, the celebration of the Yule Log was originally a celebration of new life to come. Hey, there are twinkly little lights in the night, horse-drawn carriages to take you through the city, and cold weather to snuggle up in. It doesn’t get better than that – at least not when it is freezing!

If you need help in choosing something, look in the gifts area, but like New Year’s Eve, Christmas time is the time for activities. If you never go shopping with her the rest of the year, go shopping at Christmas time. It’s a great way to find out the things that she likes. In particular, it is the time to find what she likes in lingerie and perfume, the hardest things to buy for her. Even if you don’t buy them for her for Christmas, get the information and save it for Valentine’s Day, her birthday, or your anniversary.

Special Occasions Deserve Special Recognition

If you can, take time off from work, and find a reason to get out in the cold for this special occasion. Even if you hate the cold, this is the time to go out in it. Take a walk in the park. Find the fanciest streets in the city and go looking at the lights. Don’t see them from the car, get out and walk around the neighborhood. If your city has horse and carriage rides, great for you! Find a horse and carriage, bundle up in the blanket provided, and have the time of your lives. After getting chilly, know where you’re going next. You are in charge. Find a cozy restaurant, a romantic pub, a historic hotel with a fireplace, or your place, or hers!

Personal Occasions

As special as holidays are, personal special occasions are even more important. The most important is probably your anniversary, whether it is the anniversary of the day you met (if you’re dating), or the day that you were married, you can be sure that she remembers your anniversary — and you should too. The next most important personal special occasion is her birthday. Forget her birthday, and you’re toast! Here are some pointers for each.

I got married on the same date as my mother’s birthday. The joke is that if I forget both, I can’t go home — to either home! So, the first thing is to remember the date. There are plenty of gifts that you can give. The key to this special occasion is to connect the gift to your special relationship. One anniversary, I gave my wife flowers that were the same type that were in her bouquet when we were we were married. How romantic is that?

As your relationship grows, you should do something very special every few years. This usually involves tying together multiple gifts or activities. As an example, one anniversary, I had a limo take us to the restaurant. As a surprise, I had the baby sitter’s mother come over and stay the night to take care of the children after we were gone. After dinner we went shopping for a while. Later that night, we walked over to a historic hotel and spent the night there. The most significant event that made the night perfect for my wife was actually not romantic to me at all. Unknown to her, I packed a few of her casual clothes, a toothbrush, and some of her toiletries and took it over to the hotel the day before. That way, in the morning she did not have to put on her fancy clothes, but could change into the casual clothes for the ride home (also in the limo). She thought this was the best part (well, not the best part, but the thing that made the rest of the evening perfect)! She told her friends and family about it for years to come!! As an added bonus, the kids got to ride in the limo after we were taken home. It was a great day for everyone and a special occasion to remember.

Her Birthday
Birthdays are the special occasions to show her that you care enough to pick out the perfect gift. This is the time to pull out all of the stops in gift giving . If there is one thing that she is been wanting all year, this is the time to give it to her. It can be something that is not involved with you, like a hobby, or it can be very romantic. Either way will work in for a birthday. If a family birthday party is involved, your gift and card will have to do. Make sure that the card says something special about her and that she can share it and the gift with her family and friends! Keep the embarrassing innuendos and intimate gifts for a time when you can share it just with her.

If a family birthday party is not involved, and make a romantic date . Go to the park, the beach, or take a walk in the moonlight. Anything that makes her feel special loved is perfect for a birthday. Your gift and card can be a bit more intimate. Stay away from anything sleazy, in your gift or your card.

Just like special anniversaries, milestone birthdays should be very special. Combine activities and gifts. For a special occasion birthday for my wife, I started with a short love hunt for a large stuffed teddy bear that she had been wanting. I then arranged for her to have lunch with a girlfriend of hers just after noon. The flowers were delivered to the house in the middle of the afternoon, and we went out to dinner at 5:30. It was a whole day dedicated just to her with activities from morning till midnight. This is the way to celebrate a very special occasion birthday.

Whether the special occasion is Christmas or an anniversary, advance planning combined with the proper gift, card, and sentiment will result in a perfect day. Take some of these ideas and combine them with your creativity. Custom design a special occasion with her in mind. Put it all together, wrap it in pretty paper, tie it up with a bow and you should have the perfect special occasion for you and your girl.