Specific Techniques for Self-Hypnosis

So, you’ve read all about it–what self-hypnosis is and what it’s not. You’ve covered the misconceptions and understand that there is no danger. Now you want to just see what it’s like.

There are many simple ways of accessing the sub-conscious mind, where real change occurs. The time just before falling asleep is a time of natural hypnosis. Suggestions said at that time make a profound impact because they stay with you all night. Use it!

But, you want a method of taking yourself into hypnosis and then safely coming out again, right? Here’s a simple way that you can use throughout your day.

Eye Roll technique

Another very simple method to try is the eye roll technique. You will not get stuck if you decide to try it on your own. Whenever you are ready to come out of hypnosis simply open your eyes, or count to five and then open your eyes.

Read these five steps and then just… do it.

  • 1. Take a deep breath.
  • 2. Look up as far as you can, while keeping your head level.
  • 3. Close the eyelids down, while keeping your gaze up (as high as you possibly can).
  • 4. Exhale.
  • 5. Allow your eyes to go back to normal behind the closed lids.

Specific Techniques for Self Hypnosis

Was I Hypnotized?

Were you brave enough to try it? If so, you may have thought “I’m not really in hypnosis.”. With practice you will get better (like any skill) and then you will be able to test yourself with suggestions for light or heavy arms or other tests so that you know that you actually are in hypnosis. And remember, you don’t feel different when you are having a day dream and that also is hypnosis.

Other Methods

There are other ways of going into self-hypnosis. The breathing technique and progressive relaxation are some of the most common methods to use. If you find that you are not achieving the level that you want, or if your style doesn’t suit these methods, then try the task technique. You suddenly may get to a great level.

I’m also describing an anchor, a “short-cut” version for entering hypnosis that you may want to check out for use when you know that you have reached a good level.

And for issues that are difficult to manage with self-hypnosis, there is a time to consider external methods. Actually going to a hypnotist is recommended for certain situations.

When Should I do it?

By repeating your suggestions using self-hypnosis, you will begin to notice changes in your habits that bring you closer to your goal. Twice a day is a great way of keeping the suggestions fresh. It only takes two or three minutes to take yourself into hypnosis, repeat the suggestions and then bring yourself out.

Everyone can squeeze 2 – 3 minutes into their day.

Many people do their self-hypnosis first thing in the morning and again mid-afternoon, saving the bed-time hypnosis for a personal affirmation.