Speed Reading And Aphasia

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Aphasia – Impairment or loss of the faculty of using or understanding spoken or written language.

Aphasia may sometimes affect your ability to read but it doesn’t have to stop you from reading. If you’ve experienced damage to the traditional areas of the brain that you use for reading it can make it more difficult or even impossible to read.

Fortunately, the brain has two halves, or hemispheres, and they each handle different skills. For example, the right hemisphere is visual and the left hemisphere houses logical, sequential skills. We traditionally learn to read in a logical and sequential way using the left side of the brain.

Speed Reading And Aphasia

Speed Reading, however, uses the right side of the brain. It focuses on the visual, intuitive skills we all have and perhaps never notice. Speed Reading emphasizes the visual and teaches you to look at whole words or paragraph. It develops visual skills.

Speed Reading techniques use different areas of the brain to help you not only read but read faster. A good Speed Reading program trains your eyes to move over a page and take in much more information visually than you would be able to take in by looking at each word and processing that information.

These techniques first came to us via learning experiments conducted during World War II. Pilots needed to identify hundreds of planes in an instant. It could mean life or death to a squadron. The problem was they couldn’t recall all of the information. Frustrated trainers began to look at other ways of teaching the airmen. They flashed pictures on screens and found that the pilots retained the information accurately and easily.

This visual experiment led to other techniques that proved the capacity of the mind was greater than we first imagined. It also showed the trainers that, through a visual approach, a large amount of information could be absorbed and retained. In essence, they were activating the right side of the brain, the same side that Speed Reading works with to help you read faster.

Just as we continue to learn about the potential of the brain and seek methods and techniques to improve our human condition, Speed Reading is just one more tool at your disposal.