Spiritual Books I Recommend

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Spiritual books are about sharing mystical experiences. I grew up in an environment where one believed in what one could see – and nothing else. Christ, angels and miracles belonged in the same category as Santa Claus and fairytales. They were unreal. In Norway, where I come from, we have something called vardøg, which is when you can hear a person arrive before he actually does show up. If we’d experience something like that – the slamming of a door or the characteristic footstep sounds of a certain person on the stairs – everyone would jump to find what is called a perfectly normal explanation. Anything supernatural simply didn’t exist.

When I was 12 years old my family and I visited the old town of Warsaw (which isn’t actually old, because it was all bombed during the Second World War and rebuilt after). We were going to a medieval museum, situated in one of these old building, but as we were to enter I just couldn’t do it. It was like a glass wall case grew up around me. I sat down on a bench outside, the glass case around me making all words and noises sounding distant. My step mother stayed with me, but it was like she was on the outside – we couldn’t connect or communicate. I remember my parents trying to find a rational explanation to this: I was probably tired after our long journey, I had seen and experienced too much. Maybe that was the reason, though now I do believe that I was actually protected from experiencing something I couldn’t take – and I do believe it could have to do with a past life experience connected to Poland.

I was well over 30 before I would accept and even count on things happening that you simply can’t explain. Now I absolutely love reading books about anything spiritual. Here are some of my choices :

Spiritual Books I Recommend

Gina Cerminara: Many mansions – the Edgar Cayce story on reincarnation Edgar Cayce was a clairvoyant, especially know for his ability to help his subjects heal from medical conditions. He’d put himself to sleep and while asleep give answers to questions about the subject’s health. For instance, one young woman in Selma, Alabama suddenly lost her reason and was confined to a mental institution. When her brother consulted Cayce the clairvoyant would tell him that the young girl had an impacted wisdom tooth, impinging on a nerve in the brain. After the dental surgery was performed the girl returned to sanity. Cayce started his hypnotic readings in 1911, but it wasn’t until 1927 that he had the first visions, in hypnotic state, of past lives. First he rejected them, but again and again experiences in past lives would explain medical conditions, problems and struggles in this life time. In his later years the person who asked the questions while Cayce was asleep would also give him the date and place of birth of the subject and ask specifically for information about former appearances on earth.

Thousands of Cayce’s readings were recorded and are filed in Virginia Beach, where he worked until his death in 1945. Many Mansions is psychologist Dr. Gina Cerminara’s account of many of these readings, and how past lives influence our present lives – whether it comes to love, work, health or the relationship with our children.

A book you can’t put down. Reading this book answers a lot of questions. For instance, I’m sure you have experienced to meet a person for the first time and he or she seems incredibly familiar to you. Or you might have had a certain urge to visit a special city or country – and immediately feel at home there. If you ever have wondered about karma and the meaning of life this book will be a fascinating read.

Spiritual Books I Recommend

Arielle Ford: Hot chocolate for the mystical soul Arielle Ford has collected 101 accounts from different people about miracles, angels and healing. These are stories about their meetings with the “unexplainable” – whether it’s a guardian angel, a vision in a dream or contact with the soul of a beloved friend who had died. One of my favorite stories from the book is that of a four year old girl who’s so thrilled when she hear that her family will travel to Egypt and that there she’ll get to know a five year old girl, the daughter of her father’s colleague, whom she’s never met. At least not in this life time. Because when the two small girls meet for the first time, at the Pyramids, they run towards each other and throw themselves into each others’ arms, screaming in joy – like two persons who love each other very, very dearly and haven’t met for a long, long time…

The book is full of beautiful stories like that. The title is very accurate – this is a comfort read. I’ve you’ve ever experienced something you absolutely can’t explain you’ll know after reading this that you’re not alone!