Sports keep us fit, while boardgames challenge the mind

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Sports are the great American pastime. Nothing seems to suit lifestyles better than a vacation that includes some type of physical activity such as swimming, hiking, diving, water-skiing or a day on the golf course with brand new clubs.

Golf used to be recognized as the “gentleman’s game” but today, many women are flocking to the golf courses for a day of great recreation.

Physical outdoor exercise is a great way to tone muscles and develop stamina. However, we also have almost as many ways to keep fit indoors, as well.

For example, ping pong, billiards and air hockey are played indoors, but you can still feel just as if you’ve had a really intense workout.

But there is another type of amusement and recreation that exercises the mind rather than the body. Chess, card games , backgammon and other board games can help fine tune our knowledge of strategy while having fun at the same time.

So, whether you enjoy the physical or non-physical activities, there is some type of sport or game that everyone can enjoy.

Sports keep us fit, while boardgames challenge the mind