Standard Poodles – Elegant dogs with the attitude to match!

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Standard Poodles   Elegant dogs with the attitude to match!

Life Span: 12-14 years
Special Skills: Known for ability as water retrieving dog
Suitability with Children: Yes.
Suitability with Other Pets: Yes, if properly socialized.
Living Conditions: Extremely adaptable. Without the need for excessive exercise, they are great as indoor pets.
Trainability: Known for extreme easy in training.
Intelligence: High
Exercise Required: Medium to Low
Cost of Maintenance: High
Common Ailments: A relatively hardy breed, but may be susceptible to eye problems, such as cataracts, and progressive retinal atrophy, which may eventually cause blindness. Also prone to sebaceous adenitis, a genetic skin condition that will most likely need long term management. Also have problems with Addison’s disease, a hormonal disorder that causes weight loss, fatigue, and muscle weakness.
Breed Characteristics: The Standard Poodle has a beautiful and unique presence, with a striking curly coat. The coat is available in a variety of different colors, although the most memorable of Standard Poodles are white. Their tall, lanky stature, with an average weight of 50-70 pounds, makes them extremely beautiful medium to large sized dogs. But keep in mind these dogs will definitely need added grooming and maintenance time, with regular brushing and a cut every 6-8 weeks to keep them looking beautiful.An excellent companion dog, although standard poodles love a good walk or even a swim, they are fine with limited exercise, and would prefer just to be wherever their owners are at the time. The origin of Standard Poodles shows they were used as water retrieving and hunting dogs, and many still have these instincts. For the most part, standard poodles are extremely even in temperament, although some may be sensitive at times. This may mean they may be shy around strangers or may be very upset by a scolding or a raised voice in the home. They may also be high strung at times. Because of their extreme intelligence, they easily pick up on the mood of their owner and are great at cheering up their owners.