Start Your Day with a Five Step Process of Spiritual Growth

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At first glance, the process of spiritual growth can seem quite demanding. You feel that it asks too much of you and gives you too little in return. Dividing the process into five simple steps can however lessen the burden and make your goals seem more attainable.

The Five Step Process The ideal time to initiate the five step process of spiritual growth is when you wake up and you’re alone in your bedroom or any other room in your house that isn’t touched by outside noise.

Savor the silence. For about five to ten minutes, let your spirit benefit from the sound of silence in the room. Silence soothes the spirit in a way that almost nothing in this world can. It frees your mind from unwanted thoughts, your heart from unwanted emotions, your body from unwanted sensations, and your spirit from unwanted forces. Let your whole being become awash with silence so that you can fully integrate yourself with the process of spiritual growth.

Read a chapter or two of your favorite book of wisdom to help you understand more the process of spiritual growth. For Christians, this would mean reading the Bible while for believers of the Islamic religion, this would mean reading the Koran. Whatever book you prefer to read, just choose one or two chapters then reflect on your reading. Try to apply it to your life and seek the message that’s being imparted to you.

The third step in the process of spiritual growth is meditation. There are a lot of ways you can meditate and it doesn’t matter which method you choose just as long as you ultimately achieve your goals, and that’s to understand more deeply the meaning of life and your purpose in it.

Start Your Day with a Five Step Process of Spiritual Growth

The fourth step in the process of spiritual growth is prayer. Address your prayer directly to the spiritual being you believe in. Start with a prayer of gratitude. Each new day is a blessing that you should consciously be aware of. Follow this with a prayer of guidance. You are only human, and to think that you know everything there is to life is the first step to losing your way. Acknowledge that there is a higher being and that you need help and guidance in all ways that matter.

As for the last step, do what you believe is right. This is the hardest part of the whole process because there is so much gray matter in the world. It would have been easy if things were always black and white, good and bad, but it’s not. Right doesn’t always mean not hurting other people because sometimes, you have to be cruel to be kind. Right doesn’t always mean putting others before you because you need to love yourself as well.

If you feel difficulty completing this step, go back to step four. If it’s not enough, go back another step. If you have to repeat the whole process, do it until you know what’s right.

Obviously, the last of your five step process of spiritual growth will involve the rest of your day. Don’t despair if you aren’t able to complete the process today. There’s always tomorrow, after all, and what’s important is that you continue to do your best.