Step by Step Dog Grooming Instructions

Never groomed a dog before? Just got your new puppy or dog home?

No worries! You’re about to find all the simple, step-by-step dog grooming instructions you’ll ever need to keep your puppy or dog healthy and beautiful. Not only that, I’ll show you how to train your dog (and yourself too) to enjoy it! It doesn’t have to be dreaded and postponed as long as possible, you can make it a fun time to connect with your beloved dog.

Make it a part of your daily cuddle time with your dog, and include treats and praise.

So, what basic grooming does every dog need?

Coat Care – The brushing and grooming need is different depending on what type of coat your dog has.
For example if your dog is short and smooth coated it only needs brushing with for example a hound mitt to keep it from shedding. Most longhaired and wirehaired dogs need brushing, cutting and plucking to look their best.
Step by Step Dog Grooming Instructions

Trimming dog nails – Caring for your canine’s nails can be a tricky task. You must be attentive and alert at all times. Before clipping the nails make sure your dog is comfortable with you touching the paws.

Step by Step Dog Grooming Instructions

Brushing Dog Teeth – It is important, but how do you train your dog to sit still and enjoy it? And why is it important to brush dogs’ teeth anyway?

Dog Bath – How to bath a dog, it seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it? But there are tips and advice to be discovered!
Step by Step Dog Grooming Instructions

Cleaning dog ears – Keeping your dog’s ears clean is important to avoid ear infections!