Stock Photography Industry Tips

Elvis Elvis

The Stock Photography Industry is a very exciting field, and similar to the Stock Markets of Finance – you too can be a buyer or a seller.

Discover information on the leading stock agencies to submit your photograph to, learn to sell your own images and make money, find the requirements needed for your photos to be accepted by the big agencies as well as the smaller ones.

Stock images are fun to shoot because they can include anything that can be photographed, as well as images that can be created for advertising and marketing firms….using the magic of software.

Funny dog pictures, a cup of coffee, even the hand holding a stop sign…..from A to Z and everything in between….is Stock

Digital has created an overabundance of instant stock photographers, what is needed however is a different spin on the ordinary for your images….look at ads everywhere around you…how can you do it differently ?

Become familiar with model releases and why you need them.

Stock Photography Industry Tips

Terminology in this field to help keep your rights safe as an artist and professional, for your protection become well versed to keep your images safe from mis-use.

Ok…enough talk…..get out there and start taking good photos that can make you some $$$