Stone Cutting Tool technological advancements

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A new trend or established methods? Stone cutting tool products have moved from traditional cutting methods to technological advancements.

Stone cutting tool varieties support the headstone and monument industry.

Although not new to the industry laser and water jet combined with the latest computer technologies supporting new creative and artistic possibilities through a cad program.

Enabling three dimensional views may become a nessary component with cad programs but other programs such as photocopy, macromedia, freehand or similar products may become the basis for creativity.

Stone Cutting Tool technological advancements

To my amazement laser technology has found it’s way in stone cutting. Having seen a laser engrave letters as small as 1/2” with calligraphy or Zapphio font with absolute precession. The same laser can actually cut a stone in half but not recommended. Instead laser regarding stone cutting is best used for etching.

The operators prefer using “water jet technologies.” A link will be offered regarding a general introduction to “water jet” late 2006.

Most noted observers of etched work involved a commissioned work for a building project to include six stones; each stone offers a verse from Psalm 23. “Many readers recall this verse. Psalm 23:1 The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” Most certainly this isn’t going to be a corner stone with a new Wal-Mart store Stone Cutting Tool technological advancements .