Stop the Irritation of Dog Dry Skin with Proper Grooming

Your dog’s skin is an excellent indication of his overall wellbeing, and dog dry skin could be the first hint that all is not completely well with your favorite furry friend.

And, while diet plays a huge role in keeping your dog healthy and happy, a good grooming routine will go a long way toward ensuring the problem of dog dry skin never bothers your dog.

As usual, we’ve done all the research for you and presented you with all the information you need to help you spot problems before they become established in your dog’s skin. You get to benefit from years and years of our first hand experience, so that you know exactly what to look for and what to do about dog dry skin and other skin problems.

Grooming is an essential part of preventing dog dry skin and ensuring your dog has healthy skin.

Not only does proper and regular brushing keep your dog’s coat free from excessive loose hair and mats, but the action of brushing stimulates the blood vessels in your dog’s skin thus improving the condition of your dog’s skin and coat – making it less likely for dog dry skin to become a problem.

Also, this close contact with your pet will help you spot dog dry skin, parasites or growths before they become a problem.

Stop the Irritation of Dog Dry Skin with Proper Grooming

Though a normal healthy dog will rarely have any skin problems, the things to look out for are:-

  • scratching and itching
  • excessive hair loss
  • flaky skin

Prevention is better than cure and when applied to your dog’s skin, this couldn’t be truer! Not only are dog dry skin problems really uncomfortable for your dog, but they’re pretty heavy on the bank account too!

All the above symptoms are more than likely caused by a handful of things:-

  • allergic reaction to diet or something your dog has eaten
  • allergic reaction to something your dog has come in contact with
  • allergic reaction to fleas, mites and parasites.

You could try a specialized dog shampoo, specifically created to soothe your dog’s dry skin problems. Click here for a recommended list of dog wash shampoo and other toileteries for your dog. You’ll also find some excellent advice there to help you choose just the right one. These are designed to soothe, moisturize and condition your dog’s skin and fur, and may be all you need to get rid of your dog dry skin problem.

Occasionally, the problem could be a deeper underlying medical condition – therefore, in any circumstance, I would recommend you first take your dog along to your vet for a good check up if you notice she is generally “off color” and her skin condition is poor or she had dog dry skin.

It is very important that you get help for your pet’s condition as early as possible. Prolonged scratching not only leaves your poor dog feeling very sorry for herself, but if the skin is broken through the constant itching, serious secondary infections can set in causing your dog to get quite ill indeed.

Also, if the discomfort is caused by fleas, mites and ticks, quick action is required to control these parasites from spreading and becoming an infestation, not only of your pets, but your home too.

A series of tests and a process of elimination will sort out the first two symptoms, and I swear by Frontline for dealing with the problem of parasites, fleas and mites. One dog in a 1000 has an allergic reaction to flea bites – and at one stage, we had TWO at the same time! Honestly – there was enough shed fur around the house for us to make an entire new dog!!

Frontline comes in handy spray pump dispensers, or, for nervous dogs like our rescue dog, Lucky, handy little pipettes which are squeezed onto the back of her neck without her even knowing we are doing anything! This protects her for three months at a time, she has a thick, healthy coat and I get a break from constantly vacuuming the house!

You can also buy a fine toothed comb and gently comb through your dog’s coat, depositing the fleas or ticks in a bowl of alcohol. This method never fully eliminates the problem and if you have a dog which is allergic to flea bites, she will be bitten enough times to have a negative reaction anyway.

Do remember when fighting the battle against fleas and ticks – it is important that your home is treated at the same time as your dog – otherwise the problems will just keep rearing its ugly head. Once again, Frontline House Spray – it kills off all live fleas and ticks and also their larvae and un-hatched eggs – is absolutely brilliant.

Try to make grooming a regular routine of your dog’s life. Grooming will stimulate your dog’s skin, eliminate the causes of dog dry skin and alert you to fleas, ticks and other parasites.

Regular grooming will also sound a warning signal if you see anything untoward in your dog’s skin such as black spots, growths or cuts and abrasions.

On a happier note, it will also build a bond between your dog and yourself as he grows to look forward to this time of being nurtured and pampered by you.