Straight line fast break – middle man pivot

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Here is another drill you may use to teach the scoring pass when you run into a three-on-three situation. Rather than hold up play to set up your offense, have the middleman stop, and reverse pivot, handing the ball off to the following trailer.

Straight line fast break   middle man pivot

If the trailer is closely guarded, he merely veers to the side and sets a rear pick on the defensive man guarding the wing. This enables the wing to roll off the pick and receive a probable scoring pass.


Even after securing the pass, the wing men still have a tremendous job to do, and, of course, that is to get the ball through the hoop.

We spend hours working on driving layups, before we get into the season, and our drills have paid off in key baskets by our drivers when very closely guarded. I try to assimilate actual game conditions while working on this important phase of the fast break, and the following diagrams are the drills you can use to teach this.