Streaming Radio is a tremendous resource for learning French

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And then, there was Streaming Radio and the whole face of learning French changed for ever!

Take a look at this opportunity available with Streaming Radio:
News broadcastsare simply the best way to develop your French listening, comprehension skills

News broadcasts are an ideal source, particularly when you start listening to authentic French broadcasts. You start out with a general idea of what the main news topics of the day are. For French comprehension, Radio France Internationale is a terrific place to start. You can listen to news headlines or delve into in-depth discussions. There is even a special Journal for beginners. (And I’ll let you in on a secret, you can actually listen to the entire broadcast in your own language. So, don’t delay. Bookmark RFI!

Streaming Radio is a tremendous resource for learning French

You can easily relax and soak up French speech patterns, French intonation and indeed, soon even begin to amass new French vocabulary.

Never mind thinking that you find News boring. News broadcasts in French as in any language, are short, pithy and repetitious. All these are a tremendous help for French learner.

Get started listening to authentic French on Streaming Radio

With Real Audio, it is possible, with achievable materials, to stop and start, to repeat as often as you feel like. This is most worthwhile. Repeat, revise on occasion but do not feel guilty if, on other days, you just skim over the broadcast. This is what you do normally with the News in English. You wait until something grabs your attention. This is how you SHOULD be listening.