Does Strollers make Great Baby Gifts?

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Baby strollers come in a wide variety of types, and choosing one can be a very personal matter. But the process is a lot easier when you rely on the wisdom of moms who’ve had tons of experience with strollers.

Does Strollers make Great Baby Gifts?

Key Features to Look for When Buying Strollers

When I surveyed moms from all over the world for my last book, The Gallagher Guide to the Baby Years: The Real Moms’ Survey of Top-Rated Products and Advice, they agreed that these were the most important features to look for in a stroller:

Does Strollers make Great Baby Gifts?

1. Lightweight. You want something easy to lift in and out of the car.

2. Big basket. The stroller must be large enough to accommodate your diaper bag, at the very least.

3. Easy to fold and open. When you’ve got a crying baby on your hands, the last thing you want to take time to do is fold the stroller.

4. A cup holder for the parents. Even if the new mom isn’t the type to have a bottle of water or a cup of coffee always in her hand now doesn’t mean she won’t need the cup holder in the future. Nursing moms get incredibly thirsty, and sleep-deprived moms can quickly become Starbucks devotees, even if they never downed a cup of coffee before in their lives.

Does Strollers make Great Baby Gifts?

5. Durable wheels. This is essential for long walks to the park or even just walking around town.

6. The ability to fully recline for infants. Babies need head and neck support for several months. This feature is also important so that baby can sleep comfortably.

7. A cup holder for baby. Not really essential, but when the baby gets old enough to drink from a sippy cup (at about five-ten months), it’s a useful feature in a stroller.

8. Easy to maneuver with one hand. This feature makes it easy to push the stroller while holding something else, like a cup of coffee or another baby!

9. A tray for baby. Not only a great place to put finger foods, it makes for a nice spot for toys and teethers, too.

10. The ability to reverse the direction baby faces. A nice feature because it allows baby to look at mom or dad while he’s an infant. Then when he’s more curious, you can turn him around so he can look at the world.