Struggling Boomers and Seniors

Food Stamps for struggling boomers and seniors? Yes, today’s economy is driving many of us to ask for assistance. Yes, so-called middle class office workers and laborers are having to ask for food stamps for the very first time in their lives!

What a blow to the ego for those of us who have never, ever wanted or asked for help from welfare type programs! Failing home values, loss of faith in stocks we have seen plumment – (have you looked at your 401-k lately?) – What has happened to your retirement and/or retirement plans?

We have lived in Oregon since 1967 and have always loved the great, green outdoors. I retired in 1985, fully prepared for “life ever after”. Yes, it was a great feeling – able to do whatever and whenever we pleased – are so we thought!

Struggling Boomers and Seniors

Stuff happens! Companies have and continue to declare Chapter 11′s, where shareholders lose all – where attorneys and accounting firms rake off too much money. Purchase good, sound stock and quiver each time the market falls off.

So many of us have suffered lay-offs’, some being just downright discharges with little or no notice. What will we do? What can we do?

Cash assistance rose again last month here in Oregon – Needy families including boomers and seniors that have never stepped inside a room where one applies for food stamps rose more than thirty (30%) percent last month. Newbies couldn’t believe the red tape and long waiting lines they faced as the initial step toward getting food for their needy families!

The sheer volume of unemployed workers seeking job assistance is rapidly growing – and we are just beginning. Some bureaus see needs outstripping the monies required. What will come next? More dollars from welfare agencies – how long can we exist as a nation if we more and more depend on “big bro” for the food our families eat?