Study Gives Egg-Citing Eggs A Foot In The Weight Loss Door

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Got nothing but 2 eggs in the fridge and determined to have a good breakfast ?

Preliminary evidence shows that eating scrambled eggs for breakfast within a balanced diet may prove to be beneficial for weight loss.

A study published in the Journal of American College of Nutrition has found that something in eggs may help you to feel fuller for longer.

The study was funded by the Egg Nutrition Center and the US Department of Agriculture. It was carried out jointly by Saint Louis University, Wayne State University and the Rochester Center for Obesity and Treatment and found that “an egg breakfast had a greater satiating effect compared to a bagel breakfast”.

28 overweight women were either given:

  • 2 eggs scrambled, 2 slices of toast and reduced calorie fruit spread;
  • 1 3.5 inch diameter bagel, 2 tbspns cream cheese and 3 oz. of non fat yoghurt.

Study Gives Egg Citing Eggs A Foot In The Weight Loss Door

The egg breakfast contained 17g of fat while the bagel breakfast contained only 11 g of fat. The egg breakfast contained 18.4 g of protein and the bagel breakfast contained 13.6 g of protein. Both breakfasts contained equal amounts of calories and were of equal weight.

After eating the breakfast that they were given, the participants were given fullness and food craving questionnaires to fill out 15 minutes afterwards. They repeated the questionnaire tests twice after this, 90 minutes apart. The women were given lunch (pasta with marinara sauce and sliced apples) 3.5 hours later and then told to go home and keep a food diary for the next 24 hours.

The results show that the women who had eaten the egg breakfast ate less for lunch and ate less the next day as well. The researchers were certainly happy with this result but recognize that further research needs to be done to confirm that eggs play a role in reducing energy intake for weight loss.

So eggs may play some small role in reducing the amount of food you eat, but then again, further research does need to be completed. While the research is a valid piece of research, it was funded by the Egg Nutrition Center who obviously has an interest in the promotion of egg consumption.

As I was reading this research, I wandered whether they would have found a similar result if they had compared the consumption of a bowl of wheat bran with similar caloric and weight values ?

Whatever your view about eggs, whether you are critical of their cholesterol content, or like them because of their omega 3 content, eggs are a cheap, versatile and nutritious inclusion in the diet in moderation.

Consult your doctor or dietitian for individual advice before you decide to alter your diet or increase egg consumption. In general, 1 egg is considered to be equivalent to 1 oz. of your meat allowance according to My Pyramid, so if you’re eating an 1800 calorie diet, 5 oz. is your meat allowance. If cholesterol does not worry you, an egg a day for breakfast would not be out of the ordinary.