Study skills – reviewing to remember

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Review your class notes within 24 hours of when you took them. Review your past tests, chapter exercises, vocabulary and handouts your teacher has given to you.

If you let a lot of time pass between the first time you get information and the next time, the first information may get lost and it will be harder to build more information on top of it.

If it helps, speak the words as your read and review them. Listening to your voice doubles your chances of remembering.

This works because if you do not remember what your wrote, you might remember what you heard.

Constant Reviewing

The benefit of constant reviewing is that it is easier to learn by seeing the information repeatedly over a long period of time than the effort to learn a few weeks worth of information all at once.

Study skills   reviewing to remember

Or worst, trying to learn a whole semester’s worth of information at the end of a semester.

Use Your Past Tests

  • If your instructor lets you keep your past tests, use them as review material. Correct all of your wrong answers.
  • Do not make the mistake of thinking that because you got some answers right the first time, that you do not need to review them again. You can become forgetful. So review everything.
  • If you do not have copies of your previous tests, and the test resemble the exercises at the end of the chapters, study those questions and do the exercises. It is common for a test question to be from the end of chapter reviews.