Successful Fly Fishing for Redfish

Successful Fly Fishing for Redfish relies heavily on location and to some extent the time of year.

When fly fishing for Redfish, destinations such as Florida and Texas are extremely popular and have received a lot of notoriety.


I want to let you in on a well kept secret, Louisiana fly fishing has taken the fly fishing world by storm. Louisiana has long been known for its outstanding salt water fishing. Each year thousands of anglers, with conventional tackle head south to Louisiana for world class deep sea fishing.

But of all the varied species that transverse the shallow oyster laden waters, none is more prized or sought after then that of the Redfish. The silt carried south by the mighty Mississippi River is the secret ingredient to the spectacular recipe that makes Louisiana fly fishing phenomenal!

South Carolina is another popular location for fly fishing for Redfish. During the months of October through March, when the water temperature begins to cool the Redfish start to gather into large schools. It is not uncommon to see these fish grouped in schools of over 100 fish. Wading thru the flats and visibly targeting these fish can be incredibly exciting. Large numbers of Speckled Trout also inhabit the water during that time.

Moving South along the East coast our next stop is Florida. The Indian and Banana Rivers are considered one of the premiere spots in the world for sight fishing redfish. The flats are home to numerous Redfish, Trout, Snook, and Tarpon. The area has over 400 miles of the most exciting shallow water fishing you could ever dream of. So, stop dreaming about fishing the flats and try you hat at fly fishing for Redfish in Florida.

Fly fishing along the Texas Gulf Coast is an adventure that many saltwater and freshwater fly fishermen alike have never experienced.

Successful Fly Fishing for Redfish

The thrill of fly fishing for Redfish or Speckled Trout in the bays around Corpus Christi has grown in popularity over the past few years. Fly fishermen from all over the U.S. are now descending on the Texas Gulf Coast to experience saltwater fly fishing at its best.

I lived in Corpus Christi for 4 years and I will tell you first hand that fishing in the intercoastal waterways and bays is absolutely fantastic. I have had the good fortune to catch both redfish and speckled trout and let me tell you both of these fish are good fighters. It was not uncommon for us to catch redfish over 24″ on a regular basis. Especially when they were schooling.

My buddy Ernie was as crazy about fishing as I am! We were both T-34 instructor pilots with the Navy and we would fly over the bays and waterways going in and out of the Navy airfield. One day we both noticed what looked like a huge school of fish in the bay and decided that as soon as we got done for the day we would jump in the boat and go see if they were still there.


They were still within a hundred yards or so of where we originally saw them and it turned out to be a huge school of redfish. We caught redfish until we were tired and it got dark. All you had to do was throw anything with white on it into or near the school and start stripping. Needless to say, from that point on we made a special point to do an aerial fly over to spot any schooling fish. Heck, it almost felt like cheating.

Just in case you weren’t aware of it…there is a professional Redfish fishing circuit similar to Bassmasters! As a matter of fact I watched them fish some of the same spots that Ernie and I used to fish on TV one night.

If you are looking for somewhere that won’t cost you an arm and a leg to get there…look no further.

So whether you are heading to:
* South Carolina
* Florida
* Texas
* Louisiana

fly fishing for Redfish promises to be an adventure you will never forget and many flat water fishermen will tell you…

Successful Fly Fishing for Redfish…