Successful love Stories

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We are extremely excited to bring you success stories!

It is really going to be fun to list all of the successful love stories from everyone who is interested in posting their story.

I am sure there are going to be many stories that we can relate with and some stories where we will be able to learn from!

The goal of this page is to help you pick up an idea from someone’s success story while being in the same situation currently. We may be able to help out by providing their story.

Please take a few minutes and submit your story and if you would like to submit a small pic we would love to list it for everyone to see. A pic is not mandatory, but the story is!! : )

Successful love Stories

Rod & Stacy’s Story:

To be the owner of DFL, I am honored to provide the first success story for our website. Hopefully, I won’t bore you…

Stacy and I met while working in the same office for an auto insurance company. When I first layed my eyes on her it was love at first site….for me any way! Now I don’t normally promote dating in the work place because things may get uncomfortable if things go south, but if you have that feeling that this may be the one, you must go for it.

Stacy was just getting out of a long term relationship and she really wasn’t looking for anyone new to date. I was working the dating scene and was not meeting the right women. The women just didn’t have much in common with me and I was getting pretty discouraged.

After speaking with Stacy, I new I would have to take things slow since she was gearing up for the single life. Fortunately for me, she didn’t play the single life for that long!

Since we were coworkers, I invited her out to lunch one day and she accepted. After our lunch date, she wanted to see more of me so we started talking about doing a formal dinner date which I was ecstatic! I knew she was the one so I really wanted things to work out between us.

Chinese food was one of her favorite cuisines, so I took her to a really nice Chinese restaurant in town for dinner. We really hit it off that evening and all I could think about was when we would be able to go out again.

To make a long story short, we started to get serious shortly after dating and within a year we got engaged. I proposed to her at the same Chinese restaurant with premade fortune cookies that asked for her hand in marriage. She said Yes!!!

That was five years ago and we have been married now for three wonderful years. Stacy is the love of my life and my best friend. She is my soul mate and I can’t see myself with anyone else and I enjoy every minute with her.

We have a daughter named Makayla who is 16 months old now who means the world to us. I am truly blessed for having both of them in my life and I cherish every minute.