Suggestions for Easy French Chocolate Dessert

These easy chocolate dessert recipes have been time tested and proven to please all.

Chocoholics beware…

The Chocolate Lava Cake Recipe: is an all time classic found on almost every upscale french restaurant menu. Also known as a moeulleux aux chocolate, this easy recipe is made with four basic ingredients: butter, chocolate, eggs and sugar. A little bit of flour holds the cake together, so as not to burst it’s oozing molten center before arriving to the dinner table. Quick. Easy. and Delicious.

The Flourless Chocolate Cake is slightly different in that it has no flour, but makes up for it in it’s higher egg content which acts to stabilize the cake when cooked.

Suggestions for Easy French Chocolate Dessert

The basic chocolate Ganache Recipe can be used in the creation of many chocolate desserts, from chocolate truffles to on-demand, molten lava cakes and more!

Who doesn’t love a silky, satin smooth Chocolate Mousse?

For those who would rather a lighter yet just as classic French dessert, I recommend the Chocolate Souffle. You will find this light, fluffy and uplifting treat for any time~

Before having dessert, one must eat a well balanced, healthy and hearty meal.