Suggestions for small rooms in an old house

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by Anne
( MA)

We just bought an old house (100+ years) in new england with small rectangular rooms, off-white walls and wood floors. The windows in two of the rooms face the street, we plan to use those rooms for reading/family spaces.

What type of window treatments would you suggest to give us privacy and add some coziness to these small/angled spaces? We would like to be able to easily open/close the treatments to let in the sun during the day and give us privacy at night. There are radiators directly below the windows.

Lee, thank you so much for offering your help! We really need it.

Suggestions for small rooms in an old house

Hi Anne

I would be temped to go with 2 window treatments. The first would be a fabric roman blind that would be used daily. It would fit right up to the window coming to above the radiator.

I would fit it about 5 inches over the window so when up it clears most of the glass area.

Then I would fit a decorative curtain rod about 6 or 7 inches over the window. Then hang full length curtains. Either a single or pair of curtains depending on how wide your windows are.

Then I would dress the curtains back into tassel tie backs. The curtains down to the floor would then stay in place. They are only there to give warmth to the room.

Hope this idea appeals to you.