Sun City South Africa invites YOU to bring your golf gear and tee off here

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Sun City South Africa invites YOU to bring your golf gear and tee off here

Golf travel packages at Sun City South Africa are the sort of which dreams are made. And business deals cemented. Golfing skills tested. And wonderful memories created. Hotels are 4 star upwards to deluxe. Golf courses are designed to test your skills – some hazards are live crocodiles. Geez, I can hear the fish …er golf…stories being told already! And not just by you. The Lost City is something right out of a fantasy novel and will be the basis for bunches of adventure stories by you, your spouse and your kids. By the way, the Sun City complex has been designed as a family resort and all the facilities are available to you regardless of which hotel you are at.

Sun City South Africa Tour – a four day stay – starts out at the Cabanas at Sun City – a lovely 4 star family hotel with gardens leading down to a lake, Valley of the Waves and Water World, it’s own private beach, and a Children’s Adventureland, Kamp Kwena, to name but a few features. Find a very relaxed and casual atmosphere here. Oh yes! If you require it, a babysitting facility is also available.
Play golf at the Gary Player Golf Course

where all 18 holes are classified as difficult. You may find knowing your driving speed to be helpful here, after all, you DO want to have that ball fly over those live crocodiles. I would hate to see you trying to find the correct stance to hit that ball off the back of one of those toothy suckers!

Sun City South Africa invites YOU to bring your golf gear and tee off here

The Safari

The safari part of this tour is to the Pilanesberg Game Reserve. Some time ago, about 12 hundred million years ago actually, this area was created by a massive volcano. It was officially opened as a wild life reserve in 1979. It houses over 8000 large animals, some which were on the verge of extinction when it opened. The animals are wild. Many eat meat. They consider YOU to be meat, so stay with your guide, keep your windows rolled up and have a camera ready.

Golfing at The Palace

This 5 star deluxe, 4 day tour takes you to the Palace of the Lost City. It is the ultimate in luxury and fantasy. I can’t find a picture anywhere that comes close to showing you what splendor you are in for. There are turrets, spires and painted ceilings. But that doesn’t really describe it to you. This place has to be seen to be believed. Besides golf on the perfectly great Gary Player designed Lost City Golf Course,

The Lost City Golf Course has the Titleist Golf Academy where individual or group golf tutoring is available. This course, along with the Gary Player Course are among the longest golf courses in the world. They measure 7,000 yards and 6,947 meters respectively. Both are par 72 courses but are rated at 76. Gee! Can I be your caddie?….just kidding, besides the boss says “no!”

Gee Whiz! Got caught up in THAT dream and almost forgot to mention the Sun City Airport. It has a thatched roof which makes it a bit different and worth a look.