Sun EZ-3 SX Recumbent Trike Review

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We live in West Orange County, outside of Orlando and ride the West Orange County Traila couple times a week. Bike rentals are offered at the Trail Head at Kilarney Station. I couldn’t believe it when I saw that they offered Sun EZ-3 SX recumbent trikes for rent. It was a great opportunity to give one a test ride.

I don’t have to say it but will anyway; riding a recumbent is a whole different animal. For this reason if you’re a beginner or haven’t rode in a while, I suggest getting your chops down on a regular bicycle before trying a recumbent.

First thing to understand are the brakes. On a the Sun EZ-3 SX, you need to apply brakes evenly or you’ll pull a Ricky Bobby at Talladega and flip that bad boy! The front right wheel brake is controlled by the right hand and the left wheel is controlled by the left hand.

The steering may seem a bit strange because handles are down near your knees. (Dads, think of a Green Machine when you were a kid – same thing). The steering on these bikes are very touchy so get a feel for it before hitting a steep downhill grade.

Sun EZ 3 SX Recumbent Trike Review

While pedaling the Sun EZ-3 SX you really start to understand how gravity helps you on a standard bicycle. As the gentleman at the rental shop put it “it’s all legs”. Yeah, he was right but left out the glutes – holy buns of steel! I hooked our Bell child trailer to the Sun EZ-3 SX (minus the child). It pulled fine but again, all legs, it was tough. The trailer seemed a bit squirrelly at first but I think that was due to the change of perception by sitting so low. The closer proximity to your kid in the trailer would make for better conversation;)

With all that said, why would anyone even consider a recumbent trike? Comfort! I have a herniated disc and my physical therapist suggested I eventually switch to a recumbent. This was one of the most comfortable rides I can remember. Although the ride was enjoyable, the Sun EZ-3 SX was a bit noisy. I am researching a couple models and brands before I purchase. Perhaps the folks at Catrike might let me test ride one of their bikes since I live right down the road from them…