Sun Signs – One Of The Best Astrology Books Ever Written

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“A Classic – Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs will never age”

Sun Signs is one of the best astrology books ever written. Every astrologer will tell you: Don’t read books about only the sign! Well, this is the book that is the exception to that rule. Goodman was one of the most brilliant astrologers that ever lived, and this thick book, first published in 1968, is a classic and a must-read for everyone interested in astrology.

Linda Goodman was a woman with solid knowledge, very strong intuition and a great pen. Goodman was incredibly observant and so spot on in her descriptions that it’s almost scary. Reading her descriptions makes me laugh of loud sometimes because they are so accurate and so funnily written. A description of the signs tends to be plain and general. But there’s nothing plain and general about this book. Reading it you’ll get very good foundation knowledge of the qualities of the different signs. And it’s so entertaining you won’t put it down, either!

Sun Signs   One Of The Best Astrology Books Ever Written