Super effective football drill for a quarterback/wide receiver

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Here is a good football drill for a quarterback/wide receiver combo trying to improve on their timing, trust and overall feel for each other. Usually the best time to work on this is during the spring and summer before the season begins (without pads). As the season gets closer move on to pads, then into full uniform.

Begin with ten timing plays with no defenders around. For example, have play number one be the quarterback taking a five step drop before throwing the football to the wide receiver who’s running ten steps down and cutting hard to the right etc.

After running the ten plays for 2 hours a day for five consecutive days, do it again the following week with both players blindfolded while someone watches — letting them know how close each is to his precise timing (you may even want to videotape the practice!). The one week of running the exact same plays should create a great sense of timing between the two. Being blindfolded is where the trust in each other comes into play.

If one player can count on the other during this football drill without seeing the play happen, it forms a significant bond in what I’ve found to be the most underestimated part of sports — non-verbal communication. It isn’t that the plays may or many not succeed while blindfolded. It’s what develops between these two players … the ability to effectively communicate non-verbally that helps to form true champions.

It’s one thing to try this football drill with all your senses available. It’s another thing trying it with one of your senses unavailable that gives you an understanding of what you might experience during game play when the weather’s bad or the crowds are screaming and you have to rely on your non-verbal skills to get through the game situation.

Super effective football drill for a quarterback/wide receiver

If players are able to develop this skill in the off season when its not a problem if the play fails, they’ll find themselves in a far better position when it counts!

Try this football drill at other positions as well, including the snapper/punter, or snapper/holder/field goal kicker.