Survival Kit Ideas

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Tinder-Quik or Char cloth
Typical use – Tinder for a fire.
Additional use – None.
Benefits – Takes a light or a spark quickly, light, very compact, highly flammable.
How to use – Place on a dry surface and have some tinder and small twigs collected nearby, strike your flint and steel on top of the char cloth, aiming the sparks at the cloth.

Lighter Or Matches
Typical use – Starting a fire.
Additional use – Provides small amount of light, burn rope to stop it from fraying.
Benefits – Cheap, small, easy to carry, very useful.
How to use – Keep dry and carry 2-3 disposable lighters in case one breaks.

Fire Steel or Flint Striker
Typical use – Fire starting.
Additional use – None.
Benefits – Lasts over a thousand strikes, works in wet conditions.
How to use – Rest tip on flat surface and strike the steel down onto the tinder.

Wire Saw
Typical use – Cutting branches, trees, and firewood.
Additional use – None.
Benefits – Small, light weight.
How to use – Make handles using bits of wood, take care as wire can break under too much strain.

Survival Kit Ideas

Para Cord
Typical use – Lashing, shelter building, securing.
Additional use – Use inner fibers for fishing line, boot laces, sewing, traps, and gill nets.
Benefits – Hundreds of uses.
How to use – Bind, lash, or use inner fibers for smaller tasks.

Safety Pins
Typical use – Repairing rips in clothing, tents, or sleeping bags.
Additional use – Trap trigger, fish hook, digging out splinters, Tick removal, blister care.
Benefits – Sharp, very cheap, has many uses.
How to use – Can be also used to hold bandages.

Sewing Kit
Typical use – Repairs clothing and other kit.
Additional use – Sutures, use thread for fishing line or for lashing.
Benefits – Use for many emergency repairs and other tasks.
How to use – Use to patch up wounds, tents, sleeping bags, and socks.

Heliograph, Signaling Mirror
Typical use – Signaling.
Additional use – Morse code.
Benefits – Small, compact, long range on sunny days.
How to use – Reflect sun light on a close target and move to desired target. Use hand for sighting.

Typical use – Cutting, skinning, breaking glass, defense.
Additional use – Has a million uses,
Benefits – Essential for many tasks.
How to use – Hold close and force away from body. Keep sharp with a sharping stone.

Typical use – Cutting, sawing, opening cans.
Additional use – Has a million uses.
Benefits – Has many quality tools in one.
How to use – Essential for wilderness survival kits, keep on your belt at all times, you will need it.

Space Blanket
Typical use – Counters hypothermia.
Additional use – Reflect heat from a fire.
Benefits – Waterproof, wind proof, light weight, compact.
How to use – Use to insulate heat when cold, wrap with the silver side facing you.

Tallow Candle
Typical use – Night light, fire lighting.
Additional use – Tallow fat is a survival food, oil substitute for pan frying food.
Benefits – Lasts hours, emergency survival food.
How to use – Light and leave to burn, keep clear of tent.

Snare Wire
Typical use – Making wire snare traps.
Additional use – Lashing, securing shelter, eyelets for fishing rods, repairs.
Benefits – Versatile, great for trapping small game.
How to use – Mask scent, then set near animal dens and bolt holes.

Typical use – Map making.
Additional use – Take notes, leave messages, shave for good tinder, keeping a calendar.
Benefits – Small, cheap.
How to use – Make a map if you are lost and mark down landmarks.

Water Purification Tablets
Typical use – Water purification.
Additional use – None.
Benefits – Purify water to make it safe for drinking.
How to use – Use two purification tablets per one liter of water.

Typical use – Signaling.
Additional use – Giving commands, raising the alarm, possibly Scaring off predators.
Benefits – Small.
How to use – Blow in quick bursts of 3, repeat.

Fishing Set
Typical use – Fishing.
Additional use – Line for traps, spears, repairs, and Lashing.
Benefits – Strong, thin, light, small
How to use – Tie lines to over hanging trees, check every hour.

Typical use – Finding North.
Additional use – Land-marking.
Benefits – Small, lightweight, gives a sense of direction.
How to use – Use a compass with a map to navigate your surroundings.

Survival Instructions
Typical use – Gives you knowledge and confidence.
Additional use – Burn once read if you need tinder.
Benefits – Gives you knowledge and confidence in dealing with the situation.
How to use – During a survival situation you may need reassurance.