Sushi Recipes – California Roll

The classic California roll you can make this in the Uramaki or Maki style. Created in the United States and is till very popular today.

  • -1 Half sheet Nori
  • -Sushi rice
  • -2 Stick of imitation crab meat
  • -2 4 inch long cucumber stick
  • -3 piece ripe avocado
  • -Sesame seed or tobiko

Before beginning Cover your mat with plastic wrap.

First cover the nori with sushi rice, than sprinkle sesame seed or tobiko evenly on the rice, than flip the nori over where the rice is facing down.

Start lining up the ingredients crab meat, cucumber stick than avocado make sure everything is equal lined up than roll and cut 6-8 piece. Serve this with soy sauce, also spicy mayonnaise goes great with it to.

Sushi Recipes   California Roll