Swans School in Marbella, Spain

Swans School in Marbella is one of the oldest International Schools here since 1971. Its set behind El Corte Ingles in Marbella. It was opened by Tessa Swan.

Like Aloha & ICS it takes pupils from 3 to 18 years old. Except this is over 2 different sites. The Small School takes children from 3 to 9 years old and then they change to the bigger school in Nagueles.

Its goes by the English Year so its September to September. It classes itself as a Bilingual School and in the Early Years (age 3/4) they have a Spanish Assistant all day long. This continues to Reception too. They say that children who start in Early Years will be bilingual and will go on to study both languages (Spanish Social Studies) this is if both Parents are English or non Spanish but extra help must be put in too.

The Primary School is lovely as its quite small. If coming from the UK, some of these huge schools can seem a little scary.

There are lots of activities after school just like Aloha and ICS too. Swans also have a swimming pool

There are numerous different nationalities including many Spanish who send their children there for an English / International Education.

Swans School in Marbella, Spain

Our Experience with Swans

We went to see Swans and was told that it was full with quite a long waiting list. Many people told us this too. When we were there there were children practicing singing for their concert which was really sweet. The school is small but does have a warm lived in feel about it. We had a meeting with the Secretary who showed us around and answered most questions we had. It would have been nice to have seen Tessa Swan herself or the Head of Small School like Aloha College, but all schools are different. We haven’t seen the secondary school yet. The Secondary School is relatively new. The website if full of information about the curriculum and the school. I would always say go and see schools for yourself – you will know which one feels right.

Swans School Hours

Primary School is 8.50 to 4pm. The Secondary school is a little later to allow siblings to all get to school at the 2 different sites. There are lots of holidays including 10 weeks in the Summer and nearly 3 at Easter. They do also run a summer school.

Swans Address

Address: Capricho s/n, 29600 Marbella, Málaga, (Behind El Corte Ingles Marbella)