Switzerland Cultures Are Colorful And Diverse

German, French, Italian, Romansch, Four Distinct Switzerland Cultures Are Peacefully Entwined.

As rich and varied as its magnificent countryside, so are the Switzerland cultures that make up its diverse population. Few countries in the world have so much variety in language and customs. You will also find a fascinating mix of traditional and contemporary elements, which add to the excitement of discovery for travelers.

German is prevalent in Zurich and the northern, central and eastern regions. French is spoken in Geneva and the Western region. Italian is the language that is spoken in Lugano and the southern region. And Romansh (an Indo-European language ) is spoken in St. Moritz and the southwestern region.

Statistical breakdown of Switzerland cultures:

Total population

German 65%, French 18%, Italian 12%, Romansh 1%, Other 4%

Swiss nationals only

German 74%, French 20%, Italian 4%, Romansh 1%, Other 1%

Switzerland Cultures Are Colorful And Diverse

Between the French flair for drama, German need for precision, Italian outburts of passion and Romansch unflappable calm, you might expect to find competition or conflict between these different people. Yet, despite its varied cultures and linguistic differences, Switzerland is one of the most politically and economically stable countries in the world.

Switzerland Cultures Are Colorful And Diverse

The nation’s neutrality and laws of political asylum have made it a magnet for many creative minds. Writers Thomas Mann, Stefan George and Ignazio Silone all fled to Switzerland during wartime to find safe harbor. Contemporary architects Aurelio Galfetti, Luigi Snozzi and Mario Botta, have also left their mark in the country.

Experience Switzlerland Cultures And Heritage Firsthand.

As far back as the middle ages, Switzerland cultures were exposed to greatness in architecture, art and music. Grand old buildings and churches are everywhere and, without question, touring vacations for art lovers can be planned around the hundreds of museums and galleries that exist throughout the country.

There are theatres of varying sizes in the German, French and Italian speaking areas plus a surprisingly large number of professional orchestras and music ensembles. The work of both German and French speaking filmakers is internationally recognized.

During the festival season you can enjoy many high-class music, dance, film and theatre performances.

A thoroughly enjoyable way to experience Switzerland cultures and customs is in the many popular festivals. One example is the cheerful ” Alpine dairy farmers’ fair (“Aelplerchilbi”), complete with yodelling choirs and banner waving. The international music weeks in Lucerne, the Montreux Jazz Festival, the Yehudi Menuhin Festival in Gstaad, the film festival in Locarno and dance days in Bern are just a few of the wonderful Swiss festivals held annually.

Each new season brings a new display of Switzerland cultures.

Spring is the season of large fairs, including the International Motor Show, Exhibition of Inventions and Fair for Books, Press and Multimedia. Summer is highlighted by open air events including the Geneva Festival and the Swiss National Day Celebration.

Fall brings the Batie and Grape Harvest Festivals and the Geneva fair, while winter highlights include the Christmas Tree Festival, the International Christmas Market and the Escalade Celebration.

No matter what time of year you plan to visit, your stay will be enhanced by a wealth of pleasure and entertainment that reflects the color and diversity of Switzerland cultures.