Switzerland maps – Tips on how to choose the best hiking maps

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You have chosen your holiday destination and you would like to come to Switzerland, on a hiking trip? Good decision and I would like to congratulate you. There’s nothing better, for me, than to help you to discover the many sides of my country that others wouldn’t even notice. However, should you choose this type of tourism (hiking or walking) allow me to recommend that you choose this high quality geographical map.

Some advantages of a Switzerland Physical Map:

1.) This high quality map will allow you to see elevations, which are represented by lines (with a resemblance to islands) and generally, from one line to another, there’s an elevation of 100m, this all depending on the scale of the map, of course. So, should you consider yourself as a beginner or not at the top of your form, be careful to take things in your stride, if I may say so and not have “eyes that are bigger than your tummy”.

2.) Should you own a GPS device, it will be very helpful for finding your way.

3.) In the eventuality of weather changes, in the mountains, or slippery ground, that could force you to modify the planned itinerary, a geographical map would be useful and will help you to find a new trail. This is of the utmost importance as far as personal security goes.

Switzerland maps   Tips on how to choose the best hiking maps

4.) Also, don’t forget that a good map is also useful as far as distractions go. It will show interesting sites to visit on the way and why not, eventually, a stop over at a quaint and rustic restaurant allowing you to discover and savour a local speciality?

Where to buy your maps (a few more tips):

1.) As far as I’m concerned, there is no better Switzerland Physical Map that exists than the one proposed by the Swiss Federal Office of Topography.(Office Fédéral de la topographie.)

(I may seem a bit chauvinistic but I have a wonderful may collection, this has always been my favourite pastime and I must admit that I often spend hours going over my maps, at home).

2.) I understand, however, should you prefer a map in your own language but buying in Switzerland, allows you a much bigger choice and variety. You’ll find them in all the bigger bookshops. Should you prefer not to wait, click on the next link…

Some more tips:

1.) Mark the trails and places you want to see most. This is helpful, once back home, for your explications and stories of your adventures, to your friends and family. It is equally helpful for situating your photos and films.

2.) So, when leaving your hotel room, don’t forget your Switzerland Physical Map!