Tab top curtains the easy way to dress your window

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Tab top curtains “Easy to dress your window”

But don’t use as working curtains if you want “practical and neat”

Why easy ?

They are super easy to hang on your rod or pole. No rings or curtain hooks to mess about with. Fit your brackets to the wall over your window then slip the tabs onto the rod at floor level.

Then take your rod with curtains on lift and fit into the brackets on the wall.

Tab top curtains the easy way to dress your window

So what are the drawbacks of this kind of curtain

They don’t slide along the rod very well because the tabs don’t slide easily. Also when you draw the curtains open the tabs bump into each other and overlap. This makes the curtain look messy.

They nead a lot of dressing every time you move them. So I suggest you don’t move them, just dress well into their pleats and leave.

Tab top curtains the easy way to dress your window

Dressing your tab top curtains

The next step is to dress the curtains. Start by pushing the tabs together (but not overlapping). Then push the curtain between each tab back towards the window. Then run your fingers down the curtain to make the pleat run down to the bottom of the curtain.

You will probably have to hold the pleats with one hand and work the curtain with the other. When you have worked across the curtain you need to put the curtain into a tie back or hold back.

Tie the pleats together

If you don’t have either of the above then use anything to tie around the curtain to hold the pleats in place. I usually tie a band top middle and bottom of the curtain. Try to pull the pleats together as tight as possible but without crushing the fabric.

Tab top curtains the easy way to dress your window

You can use strips of soft plastic or strips of fabric for your bands. I have even seen someone wrap kitchen cling film around curtains to hold them in place.

You then need to leave the curtains like this for about a week. This will train them into their pleats. When you take off the bands they will hang so much better.

Well I hope this article helps you to decide if tab top curtains are right for you.