TAG Heuer Monaco Watches – Passion and Legend

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Steve McQueen took a liking to TAG Heuer Monaco watches and he decided to wear this audacious timepiece in the 1970 motor racing film ‘Le Mans’.

When the Monaco was launched in 1969, it was the first timepiece to adopt a water resistant square case and was also the worlds first automatic chronograph movement with a microrotor.

More recently in the history of the Monaco, TAG Heuer has created one of their most innovative models which has achieved several more ‘worlds first’ titles.

TAG Heuer Monaco Lines & Main Points

In recent times, to add to the original Monaco collection, TAG Heuer has released the Monaco ‘Sixty Nine’ which has received recognition for its innovations. They have also released a Monaco vintage limited edition watch which is a tribute to Steve McQueens car in ‘Le Mans’.

TAG Heuer Monaco Watches   Passion and Legend

  • First and foremost, the Monaco series is well known for its big square case design with a curved left and right side which is attached to a wide bracelet or strap. The recent award winning Sixty Nine model is one of a kind that uses the original square design but has a reversible feature.
  • Materials used are the traditional stainless steel casing and bracelet, black or brown calfskin or alligator strap and perspex or sapphire crystal glass.
  • The function thats mainly associated with the Monaco series is the chronograph with models incorporating a 30-minute and 60-second register display with certain models have an additional 12 hour register.
  • The models available are the Sixty Nine, Automatic Chronograph which has the stopwatch functions and the Automatic series which incorporates a seperate seconds display at the bottom center of the dial.
  • The lower end of the Monaco would be the standard automatic series which starts from about £1,500 but can rise to an average price of around £2,500 for the chronograph models.

TAG Heuer Monaco Sixty Nine Watches
The Monaco Sixty Nine was first presented as a concept watch in 2003 but in 2005, it was in full production. It combines TAG Heuers award winning Microtimer 1/1,000th of a second technology with the modern styling of the legendary Monaco series.However, the most extraordinary feature on this timepiece is the worlds first reversible mechanical/digital display. Truly a one of a kind masterpiece that shows TAG Heuers ability to turn revolutionary ideas into reality.

The Monaco series is a popular timepiece that has become a runway favourite and a must have accessory for fashion forward individuals.Not only is it fashionable, but it also represents the legendary Monaco Grand Prix and the late actor and racecar enthusiast Steve Mcqueen.