Take a close look at your beliefs

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Your belief is what you believe, it determines your viewpoint, thus how you feel and react.

A real story demonstrates the power of belief…

Before 1954, most people believed that it is impossible to run one mile in under four minutes. Roger Bannister, who trained in physical and also mental by imagining that he ran one mile in 4 minutes, broke that record. And that is not full story… The next year after he broke the record, 37 people also broke the 4 minutes hurdle. One more year later, over three hundred people broke the barrier. Before Roger Bannister, people confined themselves as they thought it is impossible, that is the power of belief.

And one case of placebo effect, that placebo can help patients get better as if the placebo really works, the mental state affects the physical state, like the will to recover from illness is a big help to a patient.

There was an experiment on 100 students. Fifty of them were given red capsules containing stimulant. The rest were given blue capsules containing tranquilizer. But that was how they were told, actually it was opposite. Those who ate red capsules showed they are excited, and those who used blue capsules showed calmness.

A doctor also noted his multiple-personality patient changed his physical characteristic dramatically, when he switched to another person, the eyes color changed and showed the sign of high blood pressure.

There is no reason that one can not change his mindset. Or, just see change as a learning, we learn and we adjust, habits or mindsets are the same.

Take a close look at your beliefs

And if you do not like the things happened to you, you may check if your beliefs are appropriate for your situation. Generally your mindset determines how you see one thing and what you will react, and different actions result different outcomes.

Perhaps one of the greatest discoveries in history is this simple truth: you become that which you think about most of the time. No one is smarter than you, no one is better than you, no one has more inborn talent than you. But successful people, at one point or another, set their minds on becoming that which they have now become.
- Brian Tracy

Each belief has its supports, like a desk has for four legs. The way to change your belief is to change its supports. You can learn from others’ experience, or change the words you use.