Take Charge of Your Vibrations… Get Infinite Energy Working For You

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Your vibrations are the third step in the “3-Step Process” of creation, as discussed in this “Infinite Energy” section of Creating Life Abundance.

Here’s a brief review:

Step 1 of this process is your perception. Your perception determines the way you view and interpret thoughts, situations and everything else that makes up your life experience.

Step 2 of the process is your focus, which is interrelated with your perception. The way you perceive things in your life experience influences what you focus on and how you focus on it. Together, Step 1 and Step 2 form a kind of cycle that repeats itself continuously. Your perception influences your focus, which influences your perception, which influences your focus… and so on. The product of this cycle is Step 3vibrations.

Vibrations: the language of Infinite Energy

As you focus on things, you create thoughts within your consciousness… it’s how we process and interpret our existence. It’s also how we create it.

The nature of your focus – and therefore your focus itself – creates your emotional state. And your emotional state – your feelings – are vibrations within Infinite Energy, just like anything else. Your feelings are extremely powerful, and they have a direct influence on Infinite Energy that reaches far beyond your physical form. In truth, your feelings directly influence how the entire universe manifests itself in and around you.

Take Charge of Your Vibrations... Get Infinite Energy Working For You

As we discussed in Step 2 – focus – maintaining a positive focus is essential for creating positive results. The reason for this is simple: positive focus creates positive thoughts, which creates positive feelings (vibrations). And that causes Infinite Energy to manifest itself in positive ways.

Thoughts = Feelings = Vibrations = Your Power to Create Anything!

One of the things we continuously affirm at CLA is this: you have absolute power to create anything your heart desires. Infinite Energy is one continuous field of limitless energy with limitless potential, organized by information (consciousness). You, as an integral part of this field, have the ability to influence it according to your intention… you organize it with your consciousness.

The way your consciousness communicates with Infinite Energy is through your feelings – your vibrations. As we discuss in other sections of CLA, such as the Law of Attraction section, when Infinite Energy vibrates in harmony with itself, it instantaneously and automatically arranges itself in response to those vibrations and moves towards itself.

It sounds funny, but this is exactly what happens – all the time. You’re always vibrating in response to your conscious perceptions, focus and thoughts – because this is how you create your feelings. In truth, you are always creating your experience – every single bit of it, good and bad.

The way to create what you want is by learning to direct your vibrations consciously. And you have absolute power to do this anytime you want.

Taking charge of your feelings is simple…you always have the choice!

You see, you are able to choose: a) How you perceive things, and b) What you focus on. As a result, you can effectively choose how you feel anytime you want… which means you can choose how you vibrate, anytime you want. And this means you can choose what you create, attract and manifest in your life – anytime you want!

But it’s up to you to adjust your perception and focus, so that your vibrations harmonize with what you want in your life. It’s really quite simple… we discuss it in the Creating Life Abundance “Manifesting” section. Essentially, if you perceive that you can create anything you want, put positive focus on it, and do so with strong emotions (vibrations), you will attract what you focus on.

Tools such as visualization, abundance affirmations, motivational articles and others that help you get your positive emotions “pumped” can be very effective. By working the “3-Step Process” consciously, you direct your vibrations with intention – you deliberately organize Infinite Energy with information. As a result, you create, attract and manifest energy that’s in harmony with that information.

Honor your true nature – let go of any preconceived notions, and have fun with the process!

Fear, doubt and disbelief created by ego-dominated mind can be a stumbling block to your success… but only as long as you let it. The important thing is to maintain positive focus and keep moving forward. And relax – this process, as with all aspects of life, is meant to be fun! It’s only ego that wants to take things so seriously.

Working with your vibrations can require your power of concentration, but success is more than just possible – it’s your true, Divine nature! Remember: you’re always creating every aspect of your existence, and you always have done – right from day one. The idea that things in your experience arrive from external sources is merely an illusion.

It’s your choice.

It all depends on the approach you decide to take as you interact with Infinite Energy – in other words, as you interact with everything and everyone. If you decide to believe that things “just happen”, that others have control over you and that you have no control over your thoughts, feelings or actions, then that will be your experience. You will place yourself at the mercy of your ego, as well as the egos of others… and your life experience will reflect it. Effectively, you will stand in your own way.

On the other hand, if you choose to believe in your power to create, in your absolute ability to create within Infinite Energy, as an integral part of the infinite whole, then that will be your experience. With this approach to the 3-Step Process, you will honor your natural inclination to consciously create, serve, learn, grow, attract and manifest according to your highest intentions… and you will succeed!

I highly recommend:

For some more great information on vibrations, take the time to read this book: Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting: The Astonishing Power of Feelings, by Lynn Grabhorn. It’s a fantastic book – full of great information and techniques, written in a straight-up, warm and witty style that’s great fun to read