Take Time To Find Time For Growth

Time is very precious. We are so overwhelmed anymore that we feel there is very little opportunity for anything new.

Where in the world are we supposed to find the freedom to take a class or learn something if we are constantly on the run?

What are you willing
to sacrifice to find
a free moment?

These are difficult questions to answer.

It will most likely take a lot of sacrifice to find opportunities for change in our life. Between work and committees and kids and family obligations there is no room for anything else.

Maybe the fist step is to analyze exactly where your time goes and see how it can be revised to better enhance your life.

Can you organize shopping a
little more so there are not so
many trips into town to give
you more freedom?

If you talk to other parents
maybe there is carpooling
that can be done, or they take
the kids one day and you take
them the next that way each
of you has more freedom. You will
both have to sacrifice a little
to gain a lot.

Here’s a question for you.
Just how often are you sitting in front of the television?

Figure up for one week
exactly how much time
you spend just watching
television~you might be
amazed how much it adds
up to.
Take Time To Find Time For Growth
Do you really need to watch
that show or would your mind
be more stimulated and
challenged by learning to
sing or dance?

How about sacrificing one
or two nights a week to do
yoga or scrap booking or
weightlifting or martial arts.

Now, if you have kids it is even more difficult to find even a spare minute.

But, I bet if you talked to some friends maybe they would let your kids stay over for a few hours at their house so you could do something for yourself or with your spouse, especially, if you offered to do the same for them.

And Guess What…

The kids don’t mind because
they get to have fun
with their friends.

Yes, you have to deal with extra kids for the evening but ultimately it will work out for the better because you get a night off. If you set this up on a regular schedule everyone can benefit from the opportunity given to them to enhance their life

I mentioned television earlier but here’s another thought.

How much time do you spend in front of your computer?

If you are browsing alot then that takes opportunities away in other areas that may be more fulfilling to you.

I think you’d also be surprised if you kept a log of how much browsing you do looking up senseless nothing on the web just because you mind is bored and looking for stimulation.

Do it another way that excites you and really builds your esteem and confidence such as a writing class or traveling.
Don’t just sit there looking up nothing –find a class to take or someplace to travel to then get out of the chair and do it.

Of all the obstacles there are to change this is a major factor. It is hard to even find the time to think about finding more time. It can be done. With some organization, forethought, and sacrifice you can find more opportunities to make your life more satisfying and less stressed.


Lost time is never found again.