Taking Care For Your Dog’s Health

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About Caring for your Dogs Health Properly

If you have used a pet-finder to find your dog then consider dog health. Like yourself and your doctor, maintaining regular veterinary examinations are important to maintaining and monitoring the health of your dog. You should keep a detailed medical history of your dog. Also listen to the advice your vet gives you. After the initial exam and consultation they will assist you in establishing an effective preventive health care program that will ensure your dog lives a long and happy, healthy and vital life.

About Vaccinations

Whilst this varies in some countries performing a vaccination against rabies is basic starting point. The disease Rabies is a deadly one and is transmitted by the saliva. Rabies is often found in wild animals, such as skunks, foxes, raccoons and wild dogs. Having this vaccination is in the interests of both the dog and your own self and family. So make sure you keep the rabies vaccination up-to-date. Depending one where you live your local veterinarian will probably also suggest that you vaccinate against a range of other diseases that include distemper, parvovirus, leptospirosis, hepatitis, coronavirus, and parainfluenza. For me making sure your dog is safe against all main risks is a good investment.

About Parasites

Another important aspect of dog health care is that of controlling parasites. The vet may take a stool sample and test for harmful parasites that include roundworms (ascarids), whipworms, tapeworms and hookworms. Depending on the results of the tests your dog may be prescribes appropriate treatment. In general heartworm prevention medication is important whether the tests prove negative or not. A good proportion of the relatively new heartworm medicines also have some affect in containing some of the more common intestinal parasites.

Taking Care For Your Dogs Health

Controlling fleas is also another important health matter. Nothing is worse for a dog and can be extremely unpleasant for them. You can get impregnated flea dog collars and there are range of washing materials that can be routinely used.

In some countries (Australia is a good example) serious and often fatal tick conditions occur. It only takes one to bring down a dog and they are often hard to locate.

What About Dog Emergencies?

There are a range of symptoms that indicate that your dog may have a serious or treatable health problem. Taken your dog immediately to a pet hospital or your local veterinarian immediately if you detect signs of any of the following

1. The dog has signs of abnormal breathing

2. The dog has active bleeding

3. There is any exposed bone

4. The dog has signs of a puncture to the abdomen, chest, or the neck

5. The dog has a watery or bloody discharge

6. The dog shows signs of partial or complete paralysis

7. The dog shows sign of having difficulty in urinating

8. The dog is vomiting profusely or has diarrhea

9. The dog shows sign of poison ingestion

10. The dog has a bloated or tender abdomen

11. There is a rectal temperature over 103 degrees F or it is below 99 degrees F

12. The dog shows signs of dehydration

13. The dog has an abnormal color

14. the dog shows sign of disorientation

15. The dog collapses

16. The dog shows sudden weight loss.

WARNING You should never administer aspirin or any other type of medication without consulting your Veterinarian.