Taking care of your cat’s health

About cat-care and kitten-for-sale

Cats and kitten-for-sale like all animals have health issues to consider. Your cat requires vaccinations and also monitoring and control of parasites. The principal vaccinations required are the Distemper-Rhino-Calici and Pneumonitis combination. Another health issue to consider is whether to neuter or not to neuter? You should consider the issue of neutering when the kitten is approximately 5 to 8 months old when the kitten reaches sexual maturity and is then able to start breeding. Ideally the best age to neuter the cat is around 5 to 6 months old. If you have a cat or kitten-for-sale then neutering is a good idea.

Why Neuter Your Cat?

The advantage of neutering your cat considerably outweigh the consequences of doing so. As a cat owner it is also showing great responsibility.

What is neutering? In a male cat it is castration, which is the removal of the testes. In a female cat it is spaying, which is the removal of the ovaries and the uterus. Neutering will prevent any unwanted pregnancies, as well as reducing the many behaviourial patterns that develop when the cat matures. This also significantly reduces various disease risks and for female cats also reduces the risks of uterine infection. An female cat that is not spayed can have as many as three litters each year. When you multiply that by six kittens within each litter, the cat can have an extended family of 20,000 descendents in 5 years! In countries like Australia feral cats is a major environmental problem with literally millions of cats in the wild who devastate a fragile ecosystem and its inhabitants

Taking care of your cats health

When a cat reaches sexual maturity, the cat will come into season or what is also known as “call’. These cycles of sexual activity will occur around every three weeks, and when that cat is spayed this ceases. Signs of coming into season include a tendency roll around on the floor, increased calling, restlessness and an increase in appetite.

How Do I Know My Cat is Pregnant?

The outcome of not neutering your cat is that sometime it will fall pregnant. This will not be known until around the second or third week into the pregnancy. In a cat the pregnancy has a duration of 63 days. The most visible signs of pregnancy will include enlarged nipples that also may change color and harden in preparation for lactation. The cat will also have a visibly swollen abdomen at round 4 to 5 weeks. You should make a visit to your local vet and confirm the pregnancy and a health check. The next thing to think about is what do with the kitten-for-sale.

What Happens After I Neuter My Cat?

After neutering a male cat will tend not to stray as far as previously so that means less risks of fighting with other cats, as well as traffic related death and injury. This reduces risks of infectious diseases that are acquired from cat bites suffered in fighting, and he will be less aggressive. They will also tend not to mark or spray territorial scent markers around the place. After neutering a cat can tend to put on weight and become obese so you should carefully monitor feeding and increase exercise where possible, as they will not roam a round as much as previously. Following the neutering procedure cats recover very quickly and whilst being initially a little drowsy usually bounce back the following day. Ant cat or kitten-for-sale shoudl be neutered