Taking the time for a long trip around the world

How do people get the time to travel around the world?

Most people don’t think they have the time to travel around the world because they have a job. But consider these options.

Ask for the time off.
More employers now will agree to employees taking an unpaid leave of absence. This is what I did. I had 1 month paid vacation, and took 2 months unpaid leave.

If your employer doesn’t agree.
You could quit and get another job when you get back. That’s what my husband did. In fact, with the experience and confidence he gained from the trip, he got a better one.

You could work as a temporary, freelance, or get a seasonal job.
True, with this type of work you have to be better at managing your money, but it allows you the freedom to decide what you do with your own time.

Taking the time for a long trip around the world

What about obligations and your stuff?
You can use an agency to rent your house in your absence. We had an apartment. So we had a big garage sale, which added to our funds, and put the rest of our stuff in storage. We arranged for automatic payments for car, and credit cards, and a friend took care of our cat.

Once you make the decision to go, solutions will appear.