Taxidermy tips – all about fish

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Mounting Fish! We consider this to be Chriss’s bread and butter over at Wildlife Revival Taxidermy. He can do it with his eyes closed and makes this complicated process look quite simple.

However, finding someone in your neck of the woods who is good at mounting your freshwater or saltwater catch is often more of a challenge than the actual capture of the elusive denizen of the deep.

If you do find this person, put him or her on your Christmas Card list and offer to baby sit their kids once in a while because a good fresh-water or salt-water taxidermist is hard to come by. One look at what’s for sale on ebay will prove this point.

This section of Everything-Taxidermy.com is geared towards both the taxidermist and the customer. If you want to catch fish – we’ll introduce you to a few folks who can help with that further down on the page.

If you want fish mounted, this will help you decide on who to hire for that little project by making you a smarter shopper.

If you offer taxidermy services (or want to) you’ll come away from here knowing more about it.

Taxidermy tips   all about fish

The rest of you visiting here will come away as a smarter, better informed, consumer so stick around!

If it’s fresh, fat, frisky home grown worms you want when you’re down here in Wildlife Revival Taxidermy country, ah, I can fix you up.

After all, worms = fish.

Fish = taxidermy mounts to hang on your wall!

I grow the European Night Crawlers – the big fat worms that don’t need refrigeration! Cool, no more worm dirt in your drink cooler! (Hey, the chic’s dig not having slime on their cold drinks!) Stop by for a few on your way to the lake! We’ll pluck ‘em straight out of the dirt for you.