Teamwork Activity – How is my teamwork?

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Questions involving teamwork activity come up in interviews a lot and quite rightly so because teamwork is of utmost importance. To be successful in a computing department teamwork is essential.
Communication, knowledge sharing, load sharing and keeping your calls up to date will make you a good team player.

In my first computer job none of the helpdesk team had our own computer. We had to hot desk between different machines- when the person who had the hot seat went to do a call one of us would jump on, log in and check our email and calls.

Having 3 PCs between about 7 of us meant we had to share resources in order to get our work done and keep up with helpdesk stats/metrics. There was no room for any selfishness and we all saw that each other had a chance to update our calls and check our mails regularly. Good teamwork activity was the only option.

Teamwork Activity   How is my teamwork?

The result of this was a vibrant, busy and productive team. We supported each other, watched each others backs and put up a united front if any one of us showed the department in a bad light.

Not all of the teams I have worked in have been like this unfortunately. There are people who will try and further their own careers at the expense of others. Do NOT become one of these people, they try to make themselves shine by making others look bad, it’s an unfortunate fact of life that is not unique to IT and it’s something to be aware of.

An admirable quality to develop is the ability to take ownership of problems. If you see a problem being bounced around different people like a hot potato that nobody wants to deal with take it on, grab the bull by the horns and relish the challenge.

That is how to shine, not trying to make yourself look good by making other people look bad.

Avoid finger pointing and delegating as much as you can- it happens a lot and the best way to deal with it is to just rise above and outperform those who would damage your prospects to improve theirs.

As long as your helpdesk tickets are spick-and-span and you’ve shown productive use of business awareness and teamwork activity you will have done your job to the best of your ability.

Large scale computing environments are frantic and busy, you need the support of your peers to help keep the place running smoothly.