Tee-to-Green Golf Tips : Accuracy Key to Great Approaches

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Accuracy can be the key to making or breaking your round.

If you are going to be able to score birdies and pars, you will want to be able to reach ‘greens in regulation’. In other words, on in one for a par 3. On in two for a par 4. And in three shots for the par 5′s. When you are on the green with a chance to putt for birdie, this means you have reached the ‘green in regulation.’

OK. So much for the explanation. Now, what can you do to reach these ‘greens in regulation?’ Obviously, accuracy comes very much into play here. It’s rare to see a ball holed out from off the green for a birdie even though it does happen. Or chipping on close enough to 1-putt for par can also be tough.

So the optimum plan is to get on the green so you at least have a shot at birdie or can leave it close enough to make par. To make accurate shots, you must be sure your body is pointed in the right direction at impact. Have your forward shoulder pointed to the target as you make impact with the ball. Keep your shoulder from spinning too quickly as this will cause the clubface to cut across the ball creating a slice.

A good strategy during your round is to leave your tee shot in the most advantageous spot for your approach shot. When choosing your tee shot target, take into account where the green is in relation to the fairway, what hazards may be in play, where the flag is located on the green.

Tee to Green Golf Tips : Accuracy Key to Great Approaches

You want to put that tee shot where it’ll be smooth sailing to the green without having too much to worry about, giving yourself the easiest, most trouble-free angle to the putting surface.

Don’t forget to factor in terrain and elevation if there is any. You’ll need to give yourself enough club to get there and yardage markers need to be assessed as well. You will also want to know if the greens are hard or soft. Are they going to hold a ball landing on them or should you consider running the ball up onto the surface from the fairway?

These are only a few of the many factors involved in creating great approach shots. But once you can get this part of your game working for you, you’ll be well on your way to becoming the best you can be. If there is one aspect of the game that should be considered crucial, having good approach shots would get my vote.