Tee-to-Green Golf Tips – Driving Distance With Accuracy

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Long drivers usually possess very solid swing fundamentals. Rarely does raw power convert to controlled driving distance. Though fitness has become a staple of many of the pro’s on tour today, most are of average size and strength.

You would be hard-pressed to find an instance of a touring pro trying to overpower the ball in stroke play competition. Even John Daly, one of the longest hitters in the game, bases his swing on a sound grasp of swing fundamentals. He may look as though he’s trying to knock the ball out of it’s skin, but he knows exactly how hard he can swing without losing control of the club and spraying shots every which way.

If you watch guys like Woods, Daly, or any long ball hitter, you’ll note that long driving distances are the result of proper weight shift, balance and timing. To get that extra distance with your driver, do the following:

  • 1. Place a little more weight on the back foot.
  • 2. During the backswing, keep the weight on
    the inside of the back foot. Do not let it shift
    to the outside.
  • 3. Keep your left heel planted on the ground as
    you draw the club back.
  • 4. As you start the downswing, you begin to shift
    your weight to the front foot while turning your
    left hip toward the target.
  • 5. At the conclusion of the follow-through, you should
    be balanced with your hips square to the target
    and most of your weight transferred to the front foot.

    That takes care of the weight shift and balance. The final component to extra driving distance is the timing. Try to hold the angle created by the wrists and hands to the clubhead for as long as possible during the downswing.

    Tee to Green Golf Tips   Driving Distance With Accuracy

    In other words, try to swing down so that it feels like your left hand is going past the ball before your wrists release at impact. It will take some practice until you find the right moment to release but you’ll find that when you do it right, the ball will seem to explode off the face of the club and that extra driving distance off the tee will materialize.