Tee-to-Green Golf Tips – On Putting

Fact: Putting accounts for nearly a third of all strokes on a scorecard. Hitting a driver only happens 14 or 15 times during a round. Yet many golfers will go to the range and rake and beat balls with the driver for an hour without spending any time on putting practice drills.

Kind of makes you think, doesn’t it? I mean, sure, spend some time on your full swing, by all means. But don’t forget to put in some effort with the flat stick too. If you watch golf tournaments on t.v., every week you’ll see a player who just missed the cut by a stroke or two. After witnessing them miss birdie attempts all day, you’ll be saying to yourself, ‘Boy, if only he/she could have dropped those two birdies, they’d still be in contention!’

You may never be in that position yourself. But wouldn’t it feel great to step onto the green with confidence in your putting abilities? To get away with no more than one or two putts per hole would be most desirable. So, here are a couple of drills to make your putting practice more enjoyable. They’re fun and, as a result, you’ll want to practice more often on the greens.

1. Find a flat area of the putting surface and stick 4 tees in a line going away from the cup at 3, 6, 9, and 12 feet. The idea is to putt 3 balls from each tee, starting with the short 3 footers and moving back. Set a maximum number of allowable misses for the 12 putts. If you exceed that maximum, you must start over again. This will put pressure on you to make all of your short putts so that you’ll have a couple of misses available for the longer ones.

Tee to Green Golf Tips   On Putting

2. Pace off a relatively flat 20-foot putt and mark it with a tee. Put another tee in the green just 18 inches past the hole. Practice putting from the 20-foot marker, putting past the hole but short of the far tee. ( In the hole is good too! ) Keep on doing this until you can successfully put ten in a row in the ‘zone’. If you miss, you have to start all over again. This drill will teach you to make several consecutive well-paced putts. After making 7 or 8 good ones, you will feel the pressure because you won’t want to have to start again.

These drills can be done even in your living room on a short cut carpet. The overall benefit is feeling a consistency in your putting stroke. You can also make the drills more fun by challenging a friend. Make small wagers on who can be first to drop all ten. Or penalize yourself for missing by increasing the ‘finish’ number by one for every 2 that you miss. You can do whatever you want, be creative. As long as it helps you to spend time with your putter, it’s all good!