Teen Slumber Party Game

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These games have to be good. A teen slumber party game has to last the entire night!


Take a deep breath, get a cup of tea or something else to drink and read through the suggestions on this page! If you don’t find something here, look at the other pages on this site and you will get lots of ideas coming to you. Take your time!

So, all settled in? Look at these ideas!

All night movies! All teens love movies and what better way to keep them occupied and amused than by giving them movies to watch! Consider having a night of

  • Johnny Depp Movies
  • Star Wars
  • Rocky
  • Hobbits

Teen Slumber Party Game

You get the idea?Book out a whole bunch of the right type of DVDs from your local DVD movie outlet and you are almost sorted out! Only almost? Well, you see, you have the entertainment but thats not enough. Teens are hungry and thirsty so you gotta give em stuff to eat! What goes well with movies? Yes, popcorn and soda! So you could get lots of that for them to snack on through the night!
Maybe some other snacks would be good too, some sweet, some savoury? What every you do, keep their eyes glued to the movies and their mouths full and things are bound to go well! Maybe they get a bit tired of just sitting and watching. Spice up the slumber party with some other games. If it is movies they are watching, try a quiz covering the movies. Other suggestions are to do General Knowledge on the movies or anything else of interest to your teens.

Have periodic breaks for fun activities.

At the start of the slumber party, tell everyone there are some rules to the event. Assign everyone a place to site or lie and mark it with their names. When they hear the shout “SCRAMBLE!”, everyone must jump up, run outside, around the house and come back to their places. While they are doing that you move some of the names. Watch the fun as they re-organize themselves!
Remove one of the names each time as well. As everyone comes back in, the person whose name is gone is awarded a place of ‘honor’ and given a booby prize. The movie watching continues….

That is one great teen slumber party game! It will bring lots of fun and be a night to remember.