Teenage Girl Party Games

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Teenage girl party games can be fun for all concerned. Here are a number of recommended ones that will provide hours of fun and amusement:

Guess Who – Test their knowledge of celebrities they love Test your friends’ knowledge of the celebrities they adore and dream about. Make it more exciting by adding penalties and prizes. This party game will get everyone participating willingly and enjoying themselves.

Messy Make Up – Do make overs on each other and see the fun! Every girl would like to look as good as some famous person. This game leaves them at the mercy of their friends as they try to get them looking like magazine glamour girls.

Magnificent Manicure – Decorate and beautify nails Nails are a time consuming pastime for most teenage girls. Having them grow long and look beautiful is often an overwhelming desire. Keep your guests entertained for hours with this game.

Teenage Girl Party Games

Food Factory Fun – Create your party treats while you Party! Making party treats is sometime the worst part of organising a party. This activity removes that problem – get the teen girls to make their own party treats using the guidelines and ideas here.

Pillow Fight – Does not need to be as messy as it sounds! You think of Pillow Fights and all you can see are feathers and down flying all over the place and an impossible mess to clean up! Not with this one; it is clean, entertaining and releases a lot of frustration and excitement!

Music Mayhem – A quiz on the music and the people who make it. Every body loves the music of the artists they love. How much more do they know? Find out as you quiz them on the lives of their favourite artists and the songs they sing.

General Knowledge – A time honoured favourite Everyone has played this time and again and lots are most likely bored with it but with some creative planning it can be a real fun teenage girl party game. See what they know and what they have forgotten!

Dance Jive – a game with moves Everyone knows how to dance when there is some music playing but most of us just stand and bounce up and down! With this game teenage girls creativity is tested as they party with each other doing something that will have them in shrieks of laughter.