Teens Self-Esteem

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Teens Self-Esteem is for those of you who have

lost their confidence and who for those who are just a shadow

of themselves.

Confidence is developed over the years, no one is born

with it all and i think that the teenage era is the best

time to build your confidence.

The result is a lifelong benefit for you, and for those

around you…

There are some young people out there who find themselves

in this situation, not because they did not believe,

not because they aren’t strong enough, but because they

have had parents, relatives or even friends, who always

bullied them, who always told them they were not good enough,

they don’t look good, you name it. Not to be afraid,

Teens Self-Esteem teaches you how to

bounce back…

If you are one of these people, then this is for you.

I urge you to stop for a moment and rethink your life.

Don’t let yourself be pushed down by others, who are not even

better than you ( sometimes ).

Don’t be traumatize by other people’s thoughts and behaviours:

keep yourself together

Teens Self Esteem

My top 6 Teens Self-Esteem advices for you are

the following:

a)- Test yourself

Try to discover within you what is your own strength

and work on it. This is very important because, once

you know it, once you know what you are good at, you can

hold your head high and walk

with confidence and fight negative thoughts.

b)- Be confident

If you discover your strengths but do not believe in

yourself, all your efforts are vain, little things will

knock you down. Building confidence isn’t the easiest

thing to do, but once you do that, the results speak from


c)- Never give up

When difficulties and trials arise, find a solution

instead of running away. No matter how hard difficult

things look, hold on to them and learn. Nothing good comes

easily, so try hard enough and you’ll get it but if you quit,

then you are a loser.

d)- Don’t be afraid to try

Don’t look at situations and say i can’t .

Always try first, face your fears and by doing this , you learn.

e)- Do not be afraid to fail

Failure is the path to maturity. When you fail once, all

you want to do is get up, prepare and be better next

time around. If you are not prepare to fail, then one thing

is for sure: you’ll never learn.

Experiences are there to teach you lessons of life, to help you

grow and to make you better person.

Failures shouldn’t make you angry, but they should motivate

you and help you bounce back instead.

f)- Change your attitude

Be more active, exercise regularly, meet people whenever you

can, join a sport activity.

Smile more and be more friendly towards others, give a

helping hand when you can, this will only attract more

people to you.