Tell Her You Love Her

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OK, it time to tell her you love her. Most women who spend a lot of time trying to find out how a guy really feels. Most guys assume a woman knows how he feels by the way he acts. Her quest and his assumption lead to a lot of misunderstandings. There comes a time in the relationship to tell her out how you feel. Whether you are giving her flowers or a gift the most important part of the giving may actually be the card or what you say when you give her the gift.

What you say, or the card that you write, connects the gift with your feelings for her. So many guys just say, “Love, Bob”. This is okay, but you’ve just missed out on half of the significance of the gift! Tell her what you mean! Tell her you love her! Tell her that she makes you feel happier than puppies at Christmastime. Tell her you get lost when you look in her eyes. Tell her that you couldn’t stand to be anywhere else, but beside her. If you’re giving her a gift that you want her to remember, connect it with your feelings for her.

Tell Her You Love Her

There are some good love poems out there, but I have trouble using them as they are not my words. Using them is fine for some guys, but to me, in the end, you’re using somebody else’s words to tell her out how you feel. My recommendation is that it is better to just tell her. If you are going to use love poems or quotes to tell her you love her, modify them to make them you’re own. If not, just make up what you feel and write it down. There are a few tips about what words to use and what types of words to use to make your meaning clearer and more romantic.

If you know what you want to say, change the words slightly and the feeling will be more romantic. Use soft sounds. Words that began with “s” or “sh”. These might include smooth, shimmer, shining, silver, or satin. Also, you can use references to beauty. Things like starlight, moonlight, or the moon reflecting on the ocean.

If all else fails and you’re tongue-tied, tell her so! Tell her that you love her so much you cannot find the words. Tell her that when you think of her, your brain shuts down and the words won’t come out. If it’s the truth, say it!

Another thing to keep in mind is when to say things to her. So far, we have talked mostly about cards associated with gift giving. Whispers in the dark are very romantic. If you’re really romantic, hold her hands, look in her eyes, and tell her exactly how you feel. The eyes are the windows of the soul and looking into her eyes as she looks into yours will transfer more feeling and meaning that even the words themselves. It also won’t hurt if you’ve rehearsed what you are going to say!

There are plenty of poems and love quotes out there to help tell her you love her. I have some favorites, and you should too. Change them, and use them when you’re giving gifts flowers, or just telling her how you really feel.